Thursday 042910 – Cleans

SCHEDULING UPDATE – We’ve added a few classes and as of today we’re cancelling the 7am class on Mon/Wed/Fri.  As demand increases we’ll add this class back into the schedule.  Go to our schedule for details.

“Murph” challenge is this Saturday at 11am!  We’ll do the famous hero WOD followed by a barbeque on the “patio”.  We’ll provide meat & beverages, please bring a healthy side dish of your choice.  Kids are welcome, if we have enough we’ll put on an impromptu CrossFit Kids class.  This is going to be a great chance to put the extra 68′ of pullup bar space we’re having installed today to good use!  Please RSVP to our Facebook invitation so we can plan accordingly.  8am class will go on as scheduled for people who can’t make 11am.

Paru's first pullup - a few weeks ago!

5 Rounds for time of:
3 Cleans (185#/135#)
12 Burpees
200M Run

Cleans should be full squat cleans for this WOD, post load and times to comments.

A number of recent studies show that getting less sleep leads to eating more the next day.

Fitness Spotlight compiled a list of famous health and fitness quotes.  One of my favorites:

“The word aerobics comes from two Greek words: aero, meaning “ability to,” and bics, meaning “withstand tremendous boredom” ~ Dave Barry

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