Thursday 081210 – Climbs, Jumps, & Cleans

Welcome Tom C & Ian S to the Fight Gone Bad Team!  We’re up to $530 raised so far, let’s keep it going!  Click here to read about the 3 charities we’re supporting and to register.

Legless rope ascent x 5, rest 2 minutes between ascents, then:

Box jump 4-4-4-4, pick a height that is challenging,  then:

Max reps power clean in 6 minutes (115/85)

Post loads and reps to comments.  Subs for legless rope climbs are rope climbs with legs or 3xpull to a standing position from the ground for each climb.

I read this quote today and it resonates with me because it was so true when I was a platoon commander, and it’s true of CrossFitters:

“Don’t be afraid of working the Marines hard. They’ll grumble, but when they’re done, they’ll brag about it. That’s what you want, you want them to feel tough and hard and good.” – James Alban

This quote isolates one of the best aspects of CrossFit, one of the reasons CrossFit at an affiliate is so powerful – self improvement through shared suffering.  CrossFit is hard, really really hard.  CrossFit isn’t hard just to be hard though, it’s hard in a way that makes us stronger.  After you’re done with a CrossFit workout you feel tough and hard and good, and that feeling translates to many aspects of life.

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