Tuesday – 010411 – Push-press, Row, OHS, Pull-ups

Good luck to all paleo-challenge participants!


21-15-9 Reps:

PVC Power Snatch

Overhead Squat:


3 Rounds for time:

400 M Row
30 Push-jerk (95/65)
30 Jumping Pull-ups

Post thoughts and times to “comments”.

While relatively high in volume, I believe this workout can be tackled with great intensity and little pacing. Careful to maintain proper ROM on both the push-jerks and the JPUs. Specifically, with such minimal loads, I am concerned that athletes will a) finish jerks in front of their heads and not in the slot as we expect, and b) begin bringing the bar back down to shoulder before standing up and finalizing the rep. With the jumping pull-ups, please try to remember that the bottom of the movement is with knees bent and head through the arms as though at the bottom stage of a regular kipping pull-up. As always, chins end above the bar, and in my opinion, in front of the bar, too.

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