Tuesday – 011111 – Squat, Wall climbs, Sit-ups



1000 M Row



(Increase weight as your rep prescription decreases)

3 Rounds for time:

12 Wall-climbs
65 Sit-ups

Post thoughts and times to “comments”.

A “Wall-climb” is as follows: athletes lay flat on their stomachs in the push-up position with their bodies set perpendicular to the wall. The bottoms of their feet should be touching and flush with the bottom of the wall. The objective of the movement is to bring the body to an upright position by walking your feet up the wall and your hands back towards the wall simultaneously. In the end, you should be as close to the wall in a handstand position as possible with the front of your body facing the wall and your back facing the room.

A few scaling options:

Walk only part way up the wall.
Set feet on a box and go from a plank to a piked position.
HS hold for 1 minute per round.
Piked hold for 1 minute per round.

Surely there are other options.

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