Tuesday 070610 – Back Squat

High bar back squat 3×5, then:

For time:
50 Back squats (95/65)
50 Pull-ups
500 M Row

Athlete Spotlight – Mary K.

When did you start with CFSP?
I started in fall 2009, and I’m happy to say we did our CFSP fundamentals class in the Kosir Garage with a wonderful small group of people, which was a great way to start my CFSP program. Rolling out of bed at 5:45 a.m. for 6 a.m. garage workout was nice!

What was your prior fitness background before starting CrossFit? How were you introduced to CrossFit? I met Andrea shortly after turning 40, and she helped me find fitness again. I’ve always been active, but found myself simply going through the motions and gaining weight as I was juggling family and work life. Andrea helped me find perspective, helped me train for my first 5K, 10K, and half marathon, and then introduced me to CrossFit, of which I’m now a total ADDICT!!

What were your thoughts during your first week of training with us? I loved it from Day One. I was at a place in my life where I wanted more from fitness, and CF has given me that. I think I was putting up fake walls in my 30’s where I was thinking “someone my age shouldn’t be doing that…” Bullshit. As I turn 43 in a few weeks, I’m proud to be lifting more weight, flipping tires, and pushing myself in ways I never did in my 20’s and 30’s. It’s all about perspective. And embracing the suck.

Favorite workouts/least favorite workouts? I really like Fight Gone Bad and I also like the Bear Complex. Helen was fun this week. I’m not a fan of Filthy Fifty….ugh.

What kind of perfomance/fitness changes have occured since starting CrossFit? How have some of the benchmark WOD’s changed for you? I like setting small goals for myself in my lifting and benchmarks like CrossFit Total. After almost a year in CrossFit I always keep hitting new PRs, and it feels great. I went up 52 pounds in my last CrossFit Total, so am setting a new round of goals for this summer. CrossFit has really changed my body. Less fat, more muscle….and I like that a lot.

Any advice for new CrossFitters? Never sell yourself short. I’m a big fan of telling myself day in and day out that life is not easy, but it is totally worth it so make the most out of each and every day in all you do. CrossFit is more than a WOD, it’s a community of great people living their lives in a way I take great pride in.

Who is the best looking, most fabulous coach at CFSP?
They are all GREAT looking, but I am ready for some ass-kicking by Andrea, who I’ve missed terribly!! I have no doubt that she’s coming back stronger than ever!

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