Tuesday 100510 – Pulling

Power Clean – Work up to heavy single.


10/20/10 – 9/19/9 – 8/18/8 … 2/12/2 – 1/11/1 Reps:

Pull-up/Double under/Pull-up

Yes, you read correctly. This WOD has a double dose of pulling in it! It would be considered fair game to stay on the bar in the transition between rounds i.e. 10 pull-ups, followed by 20 double unders, followed by 19 pull-ups (second set of ten plus first set of nine from the next round) etc. ┬áBut I did this WOD today (10/4/10) and wouldn’t advise it.

Post thoughts and times to “comments”.

Our good friends Rob & Laura just opened a CrossFit box in Burnsville, if you have friends in that area tell them to check it out!

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