Tuesday 121509 – Front Squats

Ernest moving so fast we couldn't catch him.

Ernest moving so fast we couldn't catch him.

Front Squat 3×3, then:

7 Rounds for time:
15 Dumbell Push Press
20 Squat Thrusts

*Compare to 092909*

Canola oil, yes or no?  Andrea’s grandmother’s empanadas are possibly the most delicious food in the world.  Anyone who’s had them will try to get their hands on as many as possible when they find out she’s making them.  We once drove 8 hours from Virginia to Charleston, SC, with an uncooled cooler full of empanadas on top of a car in the summer heat, and ate them all; that’s how good they are.  These empanadas are fried in canola oil, which I always assumed was bad for you…but recently I’ve heard occasionally how canola oil has “good fats” like Omega-3’s and is generally heart healthy.  I didn’t think too much of it until I read a good article on Mark’s Daily Apple on why the whole “heart healthy” claim is another marketing gimmick, and canola oil is a highly processed oil that is highly pesticized, generally stripped of its Omega-3’s by the time it reaches our shelves, and has some trans fats in it, not so healthy after all.  I’ll still eat about 15 empanadas the next time Andrea’s grandmother makes them though.

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