Tuesday 122209 – Push Press

Push Press 5×3, then:

30-20-10-20-30 reps for time of:
Ring pushups
Kettlebell swings

A note about our programming:
There are many ways to program a week’s worth of CrossFit workouts. CrossFit.com is the original site that started posting the Workout of the Day, launching a worldwide community that has experienced explosive growth, and is followed by thousands of people on their own and at many affiliates worldwide.  But that’s just one permutation of CrossFit, whose definition is Constantly Varied Functional Movements executed at High Intensity.  A little digging into the CrossFit community will reveal individuals who created distinctive programs based on sport-specific requirements, like CrossFit Football or CrossFit Endurance.  Looking at different affiliate sites will also reveal distinct biases towards certain modalities or implements.

We subscribe to the belief that the primary area that most CrossFitters need the most improvement is strength.  This belief is why you’ll find some form of strength or power exercise done 4-5 days per week, followed by a short metabolic workout.  This type of programming is becoming increasingly popular and we borrow heavily from CrossFit Invictus, Potomac CrossFit, and our good friends CrossFit MSP across the twin cities in the town with the other Costco (St Louis Park).  The other days are allocated for benchmark WOD’s or the longer metabolic WOD’s that CrossFit has become most well-known for.

We test the effectiveness of our programming by utilizing a linear progression on our lifts, which means we add weight to the bar every time we do a particular lift, and by performing the CrossFit benchmark WOD’s at regular intervals to see if there’s been improvement in times and loads.  If improvement slows or declines we know we need to make some changes.  We loosely follow a 3 on, 1 off, 2 on, 1 off programming schedule, but because of our 7 day a week schedule and the fact that people come in on different schedules, the workouts don’t always follow that schedule perfectly.  We’ve had great results so far, and are constantly seeking ways to increase our knowledge of effective programming and increase performance.  Now that we’re in our very own space we can also program our classes the way we want to with no space/equipment limitations.  Any comments or suggestions are always welcome of course, especially from our current members who have sport-specific goals they’re trying to reach.

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