There will be childcare during the 900 and 1100am classes tomorrow at CrossFit St. Paul.  Be sure to get your children as soon as you are done working out.

8 Year Workout:

For Time with a Partner:


400 M Carry

88 Jump Squats

88 Pull-Ups

400 M Carry

88 Sit-Ups

88 KB Swings

400 M Carry

88 Partner Jump-Overs

88 TTB

400 M Carry

*The carry may be done with your partner or an odd object (wall ball, KB, med ball, plate, etc.).  The distance for the carry MUST be split evenly at 200 M per partner no matter what you are carrying.  The 88 reps within each couplet may be partitioned in any way you and your partner would like.

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