Wednesday 012010 – Deadlift

A new Fundamentals class is starting Monday, January 25 at 9am.  This class meets MWF @ 9am for two weeks, and will transition into a regular 9am MWF class once the two weeks are complete.  Go to our events page for more details.

Resting between sets = good

Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1-1-1, then:

As many rounds as you can do in 12 minutes of:
3 Muscle-ups
6 Deadlift (50% of your 1 rep max)
9 Jumping Lunges

On Cherrypicking WODS
by Mike Jones

When people first start out with CrossFit they generally don’t have a great idea how the posted workout will affect them, how well they can do the given exercises, or how difficult/easy the workout will be, so there’s no reason for them to fear the workout because every workout is a new experience. After about a month or so of doing CrossFit, people have done most of the exercises in any given workout and have a general sense of the ones that they’re really bad at or are the hardest to do. These people sometimes fall into what’s commonly known as “cherrypicking” workouts, which means they skip workouts that don’t appeal to them for one reason or another. This can happen very easily, for example – A person knows she is coming into her CrossFit gym 3 times this week. She goes in on Monday, and Wednesday, and has a great workout. On Thursday night she goes to her gym’s blog and sees the next day’s workout is “Row 5k”. She hates rowing 500m, let alone 5k, so she simply tells herself she’ll go for a jog on Friday and go to the CrossFit gym on Saturday. This seems like a pretty harmless action, and if done once or twice isn’t a big deal. If, however, this person makes a habit of skipping the WODs she doesn’t like, she’ll miss out on one of the core principles of CrossFit, and what many believe is the “secret sauce” to CrossFit’s effectiveness – constantly varied workouts.  It is well known to anyone who has done CrossFit for a significant amount of time (greater than a year) that the best way to become a really fit person (as defined by CrossFit) is to attack your areas of weakness until they are no longer an area of weakness, and then move onto the next thing.  Those who work to eliminate their weaknesses by practicing them until they’re no longer weaknesses are generally going to have the most success in a general strength & conditioning program like CrossFit. 

So next time you see your version of “row 5k”, whether it be wallballs, double unders, or snatches, make it a point to come in for that workout and tackle it head on.  I promise that 1) It won’t be as bad as you thought it would be, and 2) It’ll make you a more well-rounded athlete.  And don’t let an injury force cherrypicking either, that’s one of the many reasons you go to a CrossFit gym – so that the trainer can make a modification if required.

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