Wednesday – 022311 – Front Squat, Double-unders, Pull-ups…

Please join us in congratulating our Paleo Challenge winners Jeremy M & Sara S, along with our second place winners Mike W & Deb O! Our winners each receive one month membership, 1 hour massage at Caron Chiropractors, $100 worth of Alaskan caught salmon from the Salmon Guy, and $350 Cash. Our Second place winners receive $50 credit towards membership & $150 cash, for a total of $1,750 in total prizes!


20 Long Tosses (20/14) – Stand minimum of 20 feet away from your partner and heave the MB to them. 20 Reps per person please. Extra points for extra distance, especially those who can catch it on the other side.

Front Squat:


For time:

200 Double-unders
100 Pull-ups
200 Double-unders

Reps cannot be partitioned.

Post thoughts and times to “comments”.

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