Wednesday 032410 – Turkish Getups

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Care-free college students Hanan and Ellen trying CrossFit on their spring break.

Turkish getup 2-2-2-2-2, find your max weight with a kettlebell performing one with each hand per set, then:

5 rounds for time (in pairs):
10 band runs (5 each)
20 Med-ball passes
30 Russian lunges (each)

Have you read about Google’s decision to reroute its mainland search engines to Hong Kong’s uncensored search engines?  This is the kind of stories that business schools will be doing case studies on for the next 15 years.  Google is one of the most profitable and successful companies in the world, and is also one of the most high profile companies in the world – which means it gets a huge amount of attention from wall street analysts and investors.  The decision to reroute the search engines in a country with by far the largest and fastest growing number of internet users (400 million users) in the world could have huge revenue and profit implications, yet the company chose to do the right thing instead of bow down to the Chinese government, as most other companies do in the name of profit and growth.

Google has a history of following social causes that don’t directly correlate with profit growth that shows the best of American big business.  I have no doubt that the company does significant financial analysis to estimate the implications of their actions, but the way they treat their employess, tackle social issues they deem important, and conduct themselves on the world stage all come together to create an unmatched customer experience, which in turn drives their huge revenue and profits.

This seems to be the way the most successful companies in the world will operate in the next decade – figure out what’s important to them and their customers, build the best customer experience possible, and then it’s up to them to be creative enough to figure out how to make money from those products and services.  This philosophy is how we have strived to build our business and I believe differentiates us from some of the other fitness related businesses in the area who are completely driven by profit and don’t do a single thing unless it promises a positive return on investment.  We will continue to operate in this manner, doing everything we possibly can to offer the best member experience (coaching, equipment, facility, community) possible, and constantly striving to make improvements as we go along.  This post has nothing to do with health or nutrition of course, hopefully it’s interesting nonetheless!

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