Wednesday 062310 – Chipper

Congratulations to 5/6pm CrossFitter Nick Eilertson & his family on the birth of his beautiful daughter Charlotte (Charlie), weighing in at 8lbs 9oz and 20.5″ tall! 

Early morning weight begging to be lifted

For time:
100 Double-unders
90 MTN. Climbers
800 M run
70 Squats
60 Box-jumps
50 KBell Swings (35/26)
40 Push-ups
30 Pull-ups
20 OH BB Lunges (45/33)
10 Ring Dips

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All the news coverage surrounding General Stanley McChrystal’s disgraceful comments about his commander in chief and staff end up discussing the general’s lifestyle, which includes sleeping 4 hours a night, eating one meal a day, and running 7 miles a day.  I’m completely unimpressed with this reported lifestyle (I have no idea what the guy really does, as media reports on anything military related usually only closely resemble the truth), all it tells me is that this guy doesn’t get enough sleep and likes to run.  It’s annoying that the media has latched onto his 7 mile a day running addiction (this was also reported on a 60 Minutes segment about him recently) as some kind of indication that he’s tough/disciplined.  Besides showing me that he likes to run, it also indicates that he’s out of touch with combat fitness and probably has no idea that there’s a complete shift underway within his own units that’s moving away from the archane long slow distance running followed by calistenics that were popular back when he a commander on the front lines.  Today’s military is rapidly moving towards fitness programming that is extremely similar to CrossFit, and many units have adopted CrossFit as their training program.  There’s still a long way to go to improve the average fitness levels in the military, but they’re moving in the right direction, yet one of our senior military leaders runs 7 miles a day so he’s obviously fit or crazy or something like that.  If the general wants to lead by example, he should do Fight Gone Bad, Murph, the Filthy Fifty, or any other CrossFit workout every day, all of which are infinitely more effective in preparing the body for the demands of combat.  And why is it always impressive when people reportedly get 4 hours of sleep?  Sleep is important!  Maybe it was sleep deprivation that caused his lack of judgement in front of a Rolling Stone reporter, just maybe…

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