Wednesday 110310 – Bench Press

Bench Press 3-3-3, follow each work set immediately with a max set of situps

2 x 800m sprint

Situp standards are shoulder blades touching the ground and hands touching toes on each rep, anchoring feet and using abmats is allowed.  Rest as needed between sets and sprints.

Post loads, times, and thoughts to comments

Athlete Spotlight – Michael G

What was your prior fitness background before starting CrossFit?  How were you introduced to CrossFit?
I played hockey all my life. When I was younger I played in traveling leagues and in high school.  I played JV/Varsity hockey for my freshman year. Unfortunately I ended my career in high school hockey and decided to play in a Junior Gold league where our team won State.  After high school I still have the urge to play so I try to get out as much as I can. Playing hockey all my life I was always involved in Strength and Conditioning programs, none that can compare to the benefits and results that I have gotten with CrossFit. I was introduced to CrossFit by my oldest brother who coaches at CrossFit Chicago, which is where I did my first ever Wod(Workout of the Day). The first Wod I ever did was Base Line, “500 m row, 40 squats, 30 sit ups, 20 pushups, 10 pull ups.”   Post  Wod I was laying on the ground gasping for air in the fetal position.  My brother asked me how I felt, I couldn’t answer, all I could do was try to breathe and muster up enough energy to get to the toilet and throw up. After puking my morning breakfast I ended up exiting the bathroom as many people were cheering for me because I pushed myself so hard.  At this very moment I realized how out of shape I was and how awesome CrossFit was. I also realized how a great community can play in making a painful workout fun.  I was immediately hooked on this way of training.
What were your thoughts during your first week of training with us?
When I first went through Fundamentals at CF St. Paul I knew what to expect, and yes CF St. Paul delivered exactly what I expected, a hard, mental bearing workout that is fun and self gratifying.
Favorite workouts/least favorite workouts?
FGB, CF total. Dislike: Eva is a very dirty “Dirty” girl
What kind of perfomance/fitness changes have occured since starting CrossFit?  How have some of the benchmark WOD’s changed for you?
Before starting CF I was unable to run more than a mile at a time, however I ran two miles just last week. My first FGB was 254 and recently at FGB5 I hit 284, even though I wanted to break 300. I blame that on having to do wall ball as my last workout of the circuit. Not only do I notice differences by scoring better times in Wods and putting up more weights in lifting portions of a class, but I notice the differences in the mirror. Not only has CrossFit made me healthier and a better athlete but it has made me happier.
Any advice for new CrossFitters?
CrossFit is not easy by any means, but for overall health and fitness the benefits far overcome your painful 10-20 minute Wod. There are days you think you can’t CF and those are the days where you mentally battle yourself. I promise you even if you don’t want to work out a certain day or a Wod seems too hard, just show up and you will walk out of the gym happy…I promise.
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