Wednesday – 112410 – Thrusters

There are no words... big lifting, Mac


3 x

10 Skin the cat
10 Box-jumps
10 Pull-ups


50 Thrusters (135/105)

Athletes, please remember a couple very important things as you prepare for this workout. Primarily keep in mind that the thruster is designed to be a follow-through movement, with the hips doing the vast majority of the work, and the arms simply guiding the barbell’s course. As you drop into the front squat, you will want to have your elbows high, and as you come out of the hole, it will be with the same mechanical expectations as an ordinary FS. The change comes about two-thirds of the way through the squat portion of the movement. At this point, you will want to allow the elbows to drop slightly so as to increase your ability to press, and begin to accelerate through the hips. It’s important to remember that the acceleration does not come from the start, as your bottomed out position is least capable of force production. Allow some time and distance before starting to accelerate and you will have a much easier time pressing the bar out above your head. Much like the Olympic lifts, when done correctly, the weight will fly to its destination and the movement will feel effortless, well, so to speak.

Congratulations to everybody on a successful battle with the CFT and 10 K run. Great efforts! Way to suck it up and get things done.

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