Union Mobility – Saturday – 04072018

Mobility Pieces:

Upper Body:

Posterior Shoulder Smashing (w/ lacrosse ball)

Banded Lat Stretch (accumulate two minutes per side)

Elevated Childs Pose (on a box; accumulate two minutes)

Lower Body:

Plantar Fascia Smashing (w/ lacrosse ball)

Anterior Shin Smashing (on box w/ soft lacrosse ball)

PVC Pipe Squat Calf Smash (performed w/ PVC pipe behind knees in the bottom of a squat)

Barefoot Walk on Toes: 3 x 20m

… superset with…

Barefoot Walk on Heels: 3 x 20m

The above is intended to be some ankle strength/stability work. Athletes will work down and back in the back room alternating between walking on the toes (like you’re wearing heels) and then walking on the heels (with the toes pulled up towards the face).

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