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Personal Training

Personal Training

Working through an injury? Wanting to spend some extra time with a coach on a specific skill? In personal training sessions we tailor the workouts to your strengths and weaknesses, your aches and pains, and the movements you’d like to improve. One on one a coach has the chance to get to know you and what you need. Personal training can be integrated along with CrossFit classes, done for a short period of time, or just the occasional session. Personal training is available at all three locations at a time that’s convenient for you. Follow the button below to get in touch with Mary Whittenhall, Sales Manager.

Personal Programming

Have a specific SMART goal in mind but not interested in meeting with a coach one on one? Our personal programming is a set of twelve workouts (designed to be completed over four weeks) intended to get you closer to achieving your goal. The sessions are to be completed on your own time. A couple great examples of specific goals for individualized programming include: your first strict pull up, adding twenty pounds to your back squat, and a sub seven minute mile time. The cost of the twelve sessions is $99. Coach Nick and Coach Paul will be programming, although, if you have a request for a specific coach that is also acceptable.

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