Union Fitness Nutrition Challenge

The Union Fitness Nutrition Challenge is an intensive program where participants commit to focusing on diet, exercise, and sleep, with the support of their fellow CrossFitters. The goal is to improve overall health, performance, and wellness. We’ll be tracking progress through InBody Testing both pre and post challenge so clients have measurable data markers. The next Nutrition Challenge has not yet been scheduled.


The CrossFit Games Open is one of our largest community events of the year! Each week we get together at one of our affiliates and perform that week’s workout. For frequently asked questions and logistics of the events click here.

Krych Olympic Weightlifting and Squat Seminar

The Krych Olympic Weightlifting Seminar is a one-day, hands-on event designed for anyone wanting to develop their Olympic weightlifting skills.  While beginners will get the opportunity to break down the lifts into manageable parts, coaches will learn valuable cues and progressions for teaching the lifts to their athletes. For more information and to sign up, click hereThe next Krych Olympic Weightlifting and Squat Seminar is scheduled for February 3rd at CrossFit St. Louis Park  from 9:30am – 3:30pm. 

CrossFit Kids Training Camp (ages 5-8)

SuperKids Training Camp is a week long character building experience for your child! We will learn to workout like superheroes, learn to eat like superheroes, and learn to serve our community like superheroes. Each day will include a workout, a healthy snack, a story and a craft as we build our superheroes!

CrossFit Teens Summer Camp

Union Fitness is officially launching a teen strength and conditioning summer camp! Teens should expect to see an increase in overall strength, endurance, and core strength. All while having a blast!

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