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Starting Out

Starting Out

The Introduction:

First, attend one of our Free Intro Workouts. These classes meet at all of our three locations and at various times. Click here to see the intro schedule and to register. Each class will include an introduction and short discussion about our methodology, a dynamic warm-up, a workout that can be completed by people of all fitness levels, and time to answer questions. If the scheduled Free Intro Classes don’t work with your schedule we’d be more than happy to set up a time that works for you; email to set up a personal Free Intro Class.

If you’d like to check out what a class looks like at our various locations click here for a short video.

If you decide to train with us after the intro, you have three options:

Option 1: Begin with Level One Class

Level One classes meet for twelve sessions over a period of one month. Click here to see our Level One schedule and to register. Level One classes mimic our core CrossFit classes but are much smaller in size giving the coach an opportunity to teach and correct all the movements we utilize in CrossFit. Level One classes can be adjusted to all fitness levels. Though the Level One classes are scheduled for four weeks, Level One participants will attend as many classes as necessary before moving onto our regular CrossFit classes.

Option 2: Begin with Private Level One

If our Level One classes don’t fit into your schedule and/or you desire extra attention while progressing at your own pace, Private Level One classes are the best option you. When it comes to learning the complex Olympic lifts and more difficult gymnastics movements we utilize, the one-on-one format of the Private Level One classes can’t be beat. Most people can learn the moves required for our CrossFit classes in four one-hour sessions. To schedule Private Level One Classes email

Option 3: Begin with Personal Training

We also offer personal training for those who don’t wish to enter our group classes. Individuals with sport/competition specific goals, or who just want individualized programming, one-on-one attention, and the accountability that comes with private training are perfect for this option. We have trainers with many years of experience as personal trainers who can create programs tailored to your specific fitness goals. To get started with personal training email

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