Chadwick HaiderCoach/Trainer

    I first discovered Crossfit in the offseason of High school sports in 2009. A few coaches invited me down to the weight room to do this thing called a METCON with them. I like working out so why not? Little did I know they had Fight Gone Bad on the docket…. I was given a pretty haphazard walk through of the movements and the general idea of the rep scheme, basically just get as many reps as you can. When it was over, I had a metallic taste in my mouth, a sweat filled shirt and the beginnings of a headache… I loved it. In college I would pick up bodybuilding even competing in a Mr. Minnesota competition but all the while keeping these, METCON’s in my training. After college I began solely doing CrossFit and haven’t turned back.

    I CrossFit because, I have always wanted and expected more from myself. The day to day demands of multiple skills keeps you on your toes. I may not compete on a high level but you don’t have to when it is the internal drive to get better that keeps you going, something I believe can certainly be developed. CrossFit has given me a fresh perspective on health, fitness and determination. The internal drive to fight on when things get tough, helped me earn a spot to the Army Ranger school in 2017, I was not only physically prepared but I was mentally bulletproof.

    I coach because it is addictive. On a daily basis I get to have a say in people’s lives, moving the needle toward health and away from disease. I start almost each class by saying, “welcome to the best part of your day” and for most that is the truth. Each day I enjoy conversing with members who have a an assortment of backgrounds, knowledge base and hobbies, sometimes I think I may learn more from them then they from me. I think its so awesome that anyone can do this and as a coach, you never know who you are instructing, from the Grandmother to the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. In the gym it doesn’t matter who you are, it’s the shared hardships for the that 1 hour that helps foster one of the tightest knit communities you will find anywhere.