Hero WOD Saturday’s – 10072017

“Route 91 Harvest Remembrance WOD”

This past weekend an unspeakably evil act shook our entire nation and specifically those directly affected in Las Vegas. It’s challenging to put words to something where the loss of life is so unbelievably high. My hope is that on Saturday our class can gather together and find some solace in the strength of a tight knit community.

Regarding the below workout, the format is as follows: athletes will start the workout with a five hundred meter row (or four hundred meter run) and then beginning completing as many squat clean and jerks as possible before the five minutes turn over, when this happens athletes will then row another five hundred meters before picking back up where they left off on the clean and jerks; athletes will work in this format until fifty-eight repetitions has been achieved. The clean and jerks are intended to be light to moderate; not heavy or super light. There is a forty minute time cap on today’s workout.

The fifty-eight clean and jerks are representative of the number of individuals that had their lives taken that day. Every meter is representative of an individual who was injured during the attack.

For time*:

58 Clean and Jerks (155/103)

*Every five minutes perform a five hundred row; the workout commences with a five hundred meter row.

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