Hero WOD Saturday’s – 10212017


Operator Cpl. Kevin van de Rijdt, 26, of the Netherlands, died Sept. 6, 2009, during heavy combat in Afghanistan. He was a member of Special Forces (Korps Commando Troepen) Task Force 55 within the Netherlands Armed Forces.

Van de Rijdt was an avid CrossFit athlete and instructor in Venlo, Netherlands. His favorite movements included deadlifts, bar muscle-ups and partner bar-facing burpees.

He is survived by his father, Paul; his mother, Karin; his sister, Wendy; his godchild; and many colleagues and friends.

AMRAP twenty-six minutes:

6 Deadlifts (315/223)  (each athletes perform six deadlifts)

9 Synchronized Bar Facing Burpees

9 Bar Muscle Ups (each athlete performs nine bar muscle ups)

200m Farmers Carry (72/53) (one kettlebell between the two athletes)

The farmers carry has been added as a modification from the original Hero WOD. The two athletes will have one kettlebell and briskly shuffle the kettlebell two hundred meters, trading off the kettlebell between partners as necessary. Scale the Bar Muscle Up volume to something manageable or scale with chest to bar pull ups/pull ups.

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