Jon White Memorial WOD

The workout programmed across all of our gyms on Saturday, February 3rd will be a memorial workout for Jon White, brother of Mel White. For Saturday’s 8:00 am Class at CrossFit Minneapolis we’ll be doing the memorial WOD in addition to some added programming before the workout.

Rope Climb Practice:

5 – 10 Minutes

Take five to ten minutes to improve the efficiency of your rope climb; whether that be with legs or without. Everyone can get better at climbing ropes!

AMRAP ten minutes (in teams of three):

Max Rope Climbs


Mel has been a member with us since February of 2016, always bringing her lively and humor filled personality to class.

The White family home unexpectedly caught fire in the early morning following Christmas, taking Jonathan away from his family. The house was destroyed and everything in the home was lost. Words are not enough to express the heartfelt sorrow for the passing of their son and brother, Jonathan Charles White.

In June, 2018, Jonathan was meant to be a groomsman in his sister Melissa’s wedding. Now the family must plan for his funeral and find a new home.

In his honor we’ve created a Memorial workout:

AMRAP 29 Minutes:

9 Uneven Weighted Stationary Lunges (AHAP) (nine per leg)
150 M Row
12 Toes to Bar
15 Deadlifts (185/133)
12 Knees to Elbow
150 M Row
21 Box Jumps (24/20)
1:00 Wall Sit

Mel described Jon as a hippy-outdoorsy loving guy, who would always go hiking, climbing, fishing, camping, etc. He would also help out his family and friends doing various types of manual labor. She claims that he was always cutting down gigantic trees and hauling wood everywhere. He even constructed a bench in his basement to do bench press! On top of that Jon played both lacrosse and hockey.

So today, the workout honors Jon. He was 29, so we will be doing a 29 minute AMRAP. The “uneven” weighted stationary lunges will be attributed to him cutting down trees and hauling wood. If you’ve ever hauled wood, the load is not always evenly distributed. So today you’ll grab two objects of different weights for the lunges. Think a 40 and 25 pound dumbbell. The Row, TTB, and KTE are all exercises relative to his outdoorsy hobbies. Box jumps and deadlifts were two movements that Mel really loves to do in class! And lastly, the wall sits…apparently when Jon and Mel were younger and playing hockey together they would do wall sits and pass a ball back and forth. During the sits Jon would routinely try to kick Mel’s feet out so she’d fall, and as she explained, it was simply bonding time between siblings.

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