Monster Mash Saturday’s – 05122018

Last week’s partner Monster Mash was a blast! We’re bringing it back again this week.

Against a running clock…

AMRAP twelve minutes (w/ a partner):

8 Lateral Burpees

8 Thrusters (95/63)

8 Chest to Bar Pull Ups (substitute eight kipping pull ups)

The above workout will be done in a you go, I go format. Meaning one athlete is working while the other athlete rests; trading will occur at the conclusion of a round. Be sure to scale the above to a point where you can complete one full round in an extremely fast manner; this may mean dropping the repetitions slightly.

…rest five minutes between workouts…

AMReps twelve minutes (w/ a partner):

For Max Calories on the Rower:

Athlete 1: 15 Push Jerks (135/93)

Athlete 2: Calories on the Rower

The format of the above is as follows: athlete one will perform fifteen push jerks, while they’re performing push jerks athlete two is accumulating as many calories on the rower as possible. When athlete one finishes the push jerks the athletes will trade places.

…rest five minutes between workouts…

Three rounds for time (w/ a partner):

600m Run (both athletes run together)

30 Knees to Elbow (partner hangs from pull up bar)

15 Partner Deadlifts (AHAP) (must use male barbell)

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