Partner Open Workout Saturday’s – 02102018

The Open is right around the corner! Throughout the Open we’ll be doing past Open workouts on Saturday’s with a partner twist. Reminder, that this weekend there is only an 8:00 am class due to the Krych Olympic Weightlifting and Squat Seminar.

Power Clean: Heavy Single

Take fifteen to twenty minutes and work up to a heavy power clean single. Although we’re going heavy lets continue to focus on form and technique and reduce the urge to throw weight on the bar simply for the sake of going heavy.

Partner Open 11.5

AMRAP twenty minutes (w/ a partner):

5 Power Cleans (145/98) (partner holds two kettlebells in the front rack position: AHAP)

10 Synchronized Toes to Bar

30 Alternating Wall Ball Shots (20/14)

Today’s partner spin on the Open workout 11.5 has a little bit of everything you’re looking for out of a partner workout. On the power cleans, both athletes will complete five repetitions. One athlete will complete five repetitions before the other partner completes all five repetitions.┬áThe non-working partner must hold two kettlebells in the front rack position for the entirety of the working partners power cleans. On the toes to bar the “synchronized” nature simply means the toes hit at the same time. On the alternating wall ball shots athletes will toss a ball back and forth for a total of thirty repetitions (fifteen each). Have fun!

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