Partner Open Workout Saturday’s – 02242018

The below is subject to change based on the announcement of 18.1.

Deadlift: Heavy Triple

Spend fifteen to twenty minutes to work up a heavy triple in the deadlift. Be sure to maintain quality positions and ease the weight back to the floor after the third repetition.

Partner Open 16.4

AMRAP thirteen minutes:

55 Deadlifts (225/153)

55 Calories on the Rower (partner deadlift hold)

55 Wall Ball Shots (20/14) (10’/9′)

55 Handstand Push Ups (partner handstand hold)

The format of the above workout is as follows: the deadlifts and the wall balls areĀ totalĀ repetitions. Meaning partners may share the volume between one another. The calories on the rower and the handstands have static holds for the non-working partner; holding the deadlift bar in the hang and holding a handstand, respectively. One deadlift bar between partners and one handstand push up station between partners; meaning both athletes cannot have a handstand push up station and alternate back and forth between working and non-working without having to change stations.

This was an extremely challenging workout the first (and second) time it came around. Given that today’s workout is with a partner athletes should shoot to complete TWO full rounds as opposed to one full round when performed as an individual.

AMRAP five minutes (w/ partner):

4 Barbell Roll Outs (partner holds plank)

Just a little partner midline buy out in my favorite format.

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