Partner Open Workout Saturday’s – 03012018

Weighted Strict Chin Up: 5 x 4

Five working sets of four weighted strict chin ups. Take a good fifteen minutes for this component; first working up to your working weight and then completing ALL five working sets at that loading. As always, be sure to maintain quality gymnastics positions.

Partner Open Workout 16.1

AMRAP twenty minutes:

10m Partner Barbell Lunge

8 Synchronized Bar Facing Burpees

10m Partner Barbell Lunge

16 Chest to Bar Pull Ups (partner hangs from the pull up bar)

Alright… this might be a total miss but I’ll be practicing this new “Partner Barbell Lunge” over the next couple of days to make sure it’ll work for Saturday’s session. Essentially, partners will bring a loaded barbell to the shoulder and lunge ten meters in a synchronized fashion. If this goes at I have it planned in my mind it’ll be dope! The Bar Facing Burpees are synchronized and the Chest to Bars are total repetitions that may be split between partners in any manner. However, the non-working partner must hang from the pull up bar while the working athletes is completing pull ups.

For time (w/ a partner):

150 V-Ups

“You want us to do one-hundred and fifty V – Ups?!?! Yes. Whaaaaaat!”

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