Partner Open Workout Saturday’s – 03082018

Push Press: 4 x 5

That’s four working sets of five repetitions intended to be performed at the same weight. This is more than likely much lighter than if we were simply working up to a heavy set of five; this should take a good twenty minutes to complete from start to finish.

Partner Open Workout 12.3

AMRAP eighteen minutes (w/ a partner):

20 Alternating Box Jumps (30/24)

15 Push Presses (115/83) (partner must hold another barbell of the same load overhead)

10 Synchronized Toes to Bar

This is a slight spin on the Open Workout 12.3. The movements, repetition scheme, and loading has been slightly adjusted to make for a better partner variation. The box jump volume is total repetitions split between two athletes in an alternating fashion. The push presses may be split in any manner eventually equalling fifteen repetitions. However, one athlete must hold a barbell up overhead while the other athlete works.

p.s. was anyone else around when Dani Sidell did like a million rounds of this workout and got disqualified for the year…? I memba.

Banded Glute Ham Raises: 3 x 10

Work with your partner to finish off the day with a little work on the posterior chain. This variation will be done with a banded around the pull up rig as if you were performing banded pull ups.

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