Team Workout Saturday’s – 01132018

For load:

3 Power Snatches

I’m assuming y’all are kind of getting the hang of our strength components on Saturday’s. Today’s power snatches will be performed in a traditional weightlifting fashion. Meaning hitting one power snatch, dropping the bar and reseting before hitting repetition two and three i.e. no touch and go repetitions. Additionally, be sure to hit four to five quality working sets on your way up to a challenging weight. Kudos if you fail your second or third power snatch by hitting a full snatch.

AMRAP twenty minutes (in teams of three):

15 Synchronized Power Snatches (115/83)

20 Muscle Ups

30 Calories on the Rower (two barbells held overhead by non-working athletes)

Today’s workout is a team workout! Athletes can work in any combination of sex i.e. three males/females, two males and one female, or two females and one male.

The synchronized power snatches are intended to hit the floor at the same time and then lock out at the top at the same time. Two athletes are working during the snatches while one athlete rests.

The muscle ups are to be done on the rings. One athlete works at a time while the other two athletes rest. If you’re still working on the muscle up modify by completing roughly thirty pull ups as a team. If you’re doing pull ups one athlete will work, one will hang from the pull up bar, while one athlete rests.

The calories on the rower may be split between teammates in any fashion; which is something I advise, as opposed to having one athlete row all thirty calories (no reduced calories for females). Additionally, while the working athlete rows the two “resting” athletes must hold the two barbells overhead. Thus, every team regardless of sex will need to use two barbells for the workout.

Team workouts are some of my favorite! Have fun with this and kick ass some ass working as a team!

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