#UnionComp – The Granite Games Cycle – MONDAY (08/07/2017)

Every ninety seconds for fifteen minutes (ten sets), complete:

3 Power Snatches

The above is intended to be some snatch practice; not snatch training. The difference between the two…? Train deals with loads above sixty percent of your one repetitions max and adds stresses in other regards like aerobic fatigue. The above is intended to be light (think sixty percent of your most recent heavy snatch single) and there be a major focus on position.

For time*:

50 Overhead Squats (205/143)

*Every break complete ten lateral burpees over the bar

Choose a loading that allows for ten repetitions on the first set; if not repetitions cannot be complete you must decrease the loading.

Hollow Hold: Accumulate Five Minutes

Break however you’d like; but be sure to complete the above (with a perfect hollow).

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