#UnionComp – The Granite Games Cycle – THURSDAY (07/13/2017)

EMOM ten minutes:

5 Strict Handstand Push Ups

If you’re attending class tonight and NOT signed up for the Granite Games attack the above session with a full blown effort. If fifty repetitions over the course of ten minutes is aggressive then drop the number. If fifty is easy then add a deficit. If you ARE signed up for the Granite Games use the above to really warm up the shoulders; keep it to a warm up and not a training session.

EMOM ten minutes:

5 Strict Toes to Bar

Same as above; please also read the above…

AMRAP thirteen minutes:

30 Power Snatches (75/53)

15 Handstand Push Ups

30 Toes to Bar

15 Handstand Push Ups

I think the above workout is all about choosing where to attack and where to play defense. Are you great at cycling a barbell but struggle to bust out handstand push ups…? Then go unbroken on the power snatches and choose smart sets on the handstand push ups. I’ll talk additional strategy during class tonight.

Squat Hold

Accumulate five minutes in the bottom of a squat with band assistance if need be.

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