#UnionComp – The Granite Games Cycle – THURSDAY (07/20/2017)

Strict Deficit Handstand Push Up: 3 RM

Build up to the tallest possible deficit for a set of three in the strict handstand push up. As you’re working up be sure to hit a number of quality working sets. If you’re still working on the strict handstand push up the coach will have modification available so you can still get a stimulus for the day.


AMRAP twenty minutes:

5 Handstand Push Ups

10 Pistols (alternating)

15 Pull Ups

We’ve done Mary within the past year; check BTWB for some data. If you haven’t yet had the “privilege” of doing Mary know it’s an extremely difficult workout given the insane amount of volume accrued. Have fun!

Adductor Smashing w/ Kettlebell

Given the pistol work for the day this will be a great cool down and much needed after this week; especially leading into Saturday…

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