#UnionComp – The Granite Games Cycle – THURSDAY (08/10/2017)

Hamstring Flossing: Accumulate Two Minutes Per Side

Given yesterday’s taxing work on the posterior chain it’s imperative that we prepare the body for the hamstring work to come later on in the metcon.

Front Squat: Heavy Triple

Like last week’s deadlifts; quickly work to a heavy triple in the deadlift. This should take no more than twelve to fifteen minutes.

Ten rounds for time (w/ a partner)*:

10 Deadlifts (225/163)

20 Wall Ball Shots

*While athlete one in completing one round of the above athlete two is running two hundred meters; when athlete two returns they’ll switch places and work in this fashion until ten total rounds have been completed.

The format of the above workout is as follows: athlete one begins completing the above work (ten deadlifts and twenty wall balls) while they’re doing this their partner goes out for a two hundred meter run. Upon the return of the athlete running athletes may switch (so long as athlete one has completed one round of ten deadlifts and twenty wall balls). The athlete completing the one round of the above work may only go out for the run upon the return of the athlete running.

Glute Smashing

Exactly what it sounds like… lay down on the ground with a lacrosse ball under your ass and smash around.

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