#UnionComp – The Granite Games Cycle – TUESDAY (07/25/2017)

Drop Snatch: 4 x 3

Like much of the other practice sessions this week, the above is a practice session for the snatch. Athletes should not exceed fifty percent of their most recent one repetition max snatch (aka last Monday). The focus here is on improving positions of the snatch; I repeat this is not training this is practice.


0:30 ON, 0:15 OFF for eight intervals at each movement:


Double Unders

Overhead Squats (75/53)

…Rest Two Minutes…

500m Time Trial on the C2 Rower

The format for the above workout is as follows: complete as many burpees as possible in thirty seconds, then rest for fifteen seconds, then again as many burpees as possible in thirty seconds, etc. for eight total intervals. Once this is completed athletes will immediately transition into eight same length intervals in the double under and then the overhead squat. The clock should be set to counting down from intervals of 0:30 and 0:15. The clock SHOULD NOT be counting up throughout the course of the workout. Once the last interval is completed (the twenty-fourth interval) athletes will rest two minutes (or really two minutes and fifteen seconds) and then complete a five hundred meter all out effort on the rower.

For ALDAP (as little drops as possible):

400m Farmers Carry (AHAP)

Walk four hundred meters with a dumbbell in both hands; the goal is to set down the bells as little as possible. ALDAP, duh!

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