#UnionComp – The Granite Games Cycle – TUESDAY (08/22/2017)

Strict Toes to Bar: 5 x 8

Keep the volume at eight repetitions (without coming off the pull up bar). Feel free to modify the movement to maintain the volume of eight repetitions.

For time:

40 Calories on the Rower/Calories on the Assault Bike

40m Dumbbell Front Rack Walking Lunges (AHAP)

30m Handstand Walk

40/30 Box Jumps Overs (30)

30m Handstand Walk

40 Dumbbell Power Cleans (AHAP)

40 Calories on the Assault Bike/Calories on the Rower

Note, the set up and repetition scheme is very deliberate. The rowers should be folded down where they currently stand at CFMPLS. Athletes will row, and then come off the rowers with the dumbbells laying right behind the rower, perform four total lengths of ten meters (working to the rig and back to the rower). The dumbbells should finish right where they started. Then athletes will handstand walk three lengths, ending on the other side of the floor by the pull up rig. This is where the boxes will be; then athletes will perform three more lengths of handstand walks (after the box jump overs) which should bring them right back to the dumbbells placed right behind the rowers. Makes sense, right!

Also, note that on the box jump overs females will also jump to thirty inches but will only perform thirty repetitions. Stagger start so athletes have the option to perform the final calories (or start with the assault bike) on the assault bike.

Pec Minor Smashing

Grab a lacrosse ball and spend a good chunk of time working through range of motionĀ w/ the ball in the pec.

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