#UnionComp – The Granite Games Cycle – TUESDAY (08/29/2017)

True Push Ups: 4 x 10

…superset with…

Ring Row (chest to rings): 4 x 10

True Push Ups are done with two kettlebells and slowly descending to a very deep bottom position. On today’s ring rows pull all the way to the chest and hold for a brief second.

3 x AMRAP five minutes:

12 – 9 – 6 repetitions of…

Deadlifts (275/203)

Box Jumps (38/30)


Max Legless Rope Climbs

*Rest Two Minutes Between AMRAPs.

The format of the workout is as follows: athletes will perform twelve deadlifts, and then twelve box jumps, then nine and nine, then six and six; then athletes will accrue as many legless rope climbs as possible in the time remaining. Scale the legless climbs to normal rope climbs if need be. The height for males is a thirty inch box with two forty-fives stacked on top.

Every 0:30 for five minutes (ten sets), complete:

0:10 Hanging Tuck Hold

Hang from the pull up bar and pull the knees to the chest and hold for ten seconds. Do this every thirty seconds (0:10 ON, 0:20 OFF) for five straight minutes.

TFL Smashing

Snag a lacrosse ball and cool down smashing out the hips. Take this seriously, you’re body will thank you as we get to more aggressive sessions later on this week.

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