#UnionComp – The Granite Games Cycle – WEDNESDAY (06/21/2017)

Bench Press: 2 RM

Work up to a two rep max bench press. Be sure to maintain proper positioning throughout these heavy lifts.

Three rounds for time and total bench presses/strict pull ups:

500m Row

Max Bench Press (bodyweight)

400m Run

Max Strict Pull Ups

The format of today’s workout: row five hundred meters and then complete as many bench presses as possible at bodyweight (if you cannot complete five repetitions at this loading reduce the weight). Athletes will then run four hundred meters and do the same thing for strict pull ups. The intent here is to move quickly but also accrue as many bench presses and strict pull ups as possible.

Accumulate Two Minutes in the Bottom of a Dip (on parallel bars)

This will act as our cool down/mobility piece for the day.

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