#UnionComp – The Granite Games Cycle – WEDNESDAY (06/28/2017)

EMOM seven minutes: 

7 Back Squats

Attempt to increase the loading yet again from last week.

Bar Facing Burpee Practice (five minutes)

We’ll be reviewing the bar facing burpee and how athletes can be as efficient as possible. This may seem a little remedial at first but come The Open having an extremely efficient burpee is paramount.

For time:

10/1, 9/2, 8/3… 1/10 reps of:

Power Cleans (115/83)

Bar Facing Burpees

This rep scheme can get a little confusing at times. I try to remember that regardless of the set I’m on the numbers should always add up to eleven. #tubbstips

p.s. this workout is quick, very quick.

Accumulate Three Minutes in a Weighted Forward Fold

Athletes can use the twenty-five pound plate on the bar for this mobility cool down.

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