#UnionComp – The Granite Games Cycle – WEDNESDAY (07/05/2017)

EMOM seven minutes:

7 Back Squats

Increase the loading from last Wednesday; or at least do your best to increase the loading.

Strict Muscle Up: 4 x 3

This is our first introduction this cycle to the strict muscle up. Use this time to relearn what may seem slightly foreign. For athletes that don’t yet have strict muscle ups perform sets of three false grip strict chest to ring pull ups.

“Running Bear”

AMRAP twenty minutes:

200m Run

(+1) Bear Complex (135/93)

We’ve done this workout a couple times in our CrossFit Class programming; it’s a staple and it’s awesome.

Couch Stretch

Accumulate three minutes per side in the couch stretch; this will act as our cool down for the day.

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