Union Comp


#UnionComp – The Granite Games Cycle – WEDNESDAY (08/02/2017)

Skin the Cat: 6 x 3

Focus first on position; additionally be sure to choose a scale that allows for all three repetitions to be completed without coming off the rings.

Three rounds for time:

400m Run

25 Burpees

5 Rope Climbs

Time to put to practice so much of the rope climb technique work we’ve been doing.

Voodoo Floss Coconut Shoulders

If you have a voodoo band please bring it. If not, no worries Coach Paul will bring a couple pairs and the class can share with what we’ve got.


#UnionComp – The Granite Games Cycle – TUESDAY (08/01/2017)

Deadlift: Heavy Triple

Build to a heavy set of three in the deadlift. Do not get in a large number of working sets; build to a heavy three relatively quickly.

Four rounds for time:

6 Muscle Ups

12 Curtis P’s (75/53)

300m Run

Reminder that a Curtis P is one power clean, one right legged lunge, one left legged lunge, and one push press. The three hundred meter run will be ran to the fire hydrant and back.

Hamstring Flossing

Accumulate two minutes per side.

Hamstring Smashing

Accumulate two minutes per side; this is a required eight minutes of total mobility work to close out the session which is really not too big of an ask.


#UnionComp – The Granite Games Cycle – MONDAY (07/31/2017)

EMOM seven minutes:

7 Back Squats


Single Arm Ring Row: 4 x 10 (each arm)

This may seem a little funky at first but it’s actually a fairly effective movement in developing quality shoulder positions and stability

EMOM twenty minutes, alternate between:

15/12 Calories on the Rower

5 Chest to Bar Pull Ups + 10 Push Ups + 15 Air Squats

If the volume of either minute needs to be reduced to maintain the integrity of the EMOM please do so. This is intended to be some gymnastics capacity training.

Adductor Smashing

Spend a quality four (ish) minutes per side just totally destroying the adductors; your legs will thank you!