Union Fitness DIFFERENCE


Professional Coaches

Of the many differences we’re proud of here at Union Fitness, the caliber of our coaching staff sits at the top of the list. For nearly six years, we’ve strived to break away from the standard employment model in the fitness industry, in which trading membership for a few “hobbyist” coaches is the norm. We operate on the premise that our employees are professional coaches who see their work with Union as a career. We do this by putting every applicant through a stringent 6-month development pipeline and further, by rewarding worthy applicants with a pay scale that sits well above the market average, including excellent healthcare and retirement benefits. This comes back to you, the customer, in the form of a coaching staff that has a great stake in the overall health of the business and which is thus deeply committed to every single athlete that walks through the door!

Three Locations

The growth of our brand since its founding in 2009 has made an expansion into new parts of the metro necessity. Of course, having access to three locations from St. Paul to St. Louis Park makes keeping up with your workouts easy and convenient. Each location has its own unique feel and community, but the programming, class structure, coaching style and commitment to excellence is uniform throughout. A member at one Union Fitness affiliate has full access to all classes at all Union Fitness affiliates. Additionally, unlimited members have access to Union’s collaborative partner, Alchemy, a high-intensity and yoga hybrid program located in the heart of the North Loop.

Speciality Classes

Union Fitness boasts some of the best CrossFit in the area – but that’s just the start. We offer specialty classes designed to stand alone as unique training programs but which tie directly into your CrossFit experience, too. Members have full access to Yoga classes, Olympic Weightlifting classes, Strength classes, CrossFit Competition classes, and Mobility classes. Each of these programs is lead and organized by a specialist in the field. Furthermore, each program is designed so that it runs in harmony without CrossFit classes in both the daily programming and schedule.

30 + class offerings a day

Tired of working your schedule around your gym? Union Fitness offers over thirty classes per day across its three affiliates. Class schedules have been staggered throughout the day so that a Union Fitness class is starting every thirty minutes in the Metro!


Union Fitness is not your traditional gym. When you choose to train at Union Fitness, you are hiring a team of highly skilled, dedicated coaches determined to help you: