Friday – 042712 – Muscle-ups, Burpees, Double-Unders, Snatch…

In Erin's first day, she did Fight Gone Bad. Mike was there too. Do you remember your first real (non intro, non beginner's class) CrossFit class WOD?

Back Squat:


3 Rounds for time:

5 Muscle-ups
10 Burpees

Scaling for muscle-ups will be 3 pull-ups and 3 ring-dips for each muscle-up prescribed.

Rest 6 minutes

3 Rounds for time:

30 Double-underes
4 Snatches (155/103)

Snatches must be completed in four attempts or the round doesn’t count. This means that if an athlete makes three snatches, but misses the fourth, they need to repeat the thirty double-unders and the four snatches again. Four attempts — four made lifts.

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