Monday – 011612 – Rope Climb, WB Shots, Sit-ups…

It is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday tomorrow. Is it a cliche to post his “I have a dream” speech in commemoration? Is it too obvious a choice, given the myriad works of rhetoric he penned? Perhaps it is. But then again, perhaps not.

Growing up in my household, the tradition on MLK day was to sit down as a family and listen to one of Dr. King’s speeches. The point was never to analyze his prose per se, the point was to pay homage to his unasailible honor. His speeches were the vehicle for his message. His life was the demonstration. What we listened to was much less important than the fact that we listened. In my opinion, the best way to pay respect to a man’s legacy is to simply pay attention to it, then to load yourself up with it and carry it forward in, at the very least, one single moment of your existence. ¬†Where there is wrong tomorrow, do right, just one time and you do justice to Dr. King. Without a doubt, currents of social change are ebbing and flowing in our country. My guess is that someday my children’s generation will look back on the hate of 2011 with the same vile disdain that we look back on the hate 1963 with, when this speech was delivered. If you can’t take seventeen minutes out of your day to listen to this entire speech, take five and listen to a part of it. If you prefer, youtube a different Dr. King speech altogether. But listen, one way or another. Be implored by Dr. King’s words to discontinue hate of any kind and to push forward on man’s overarching path toward justice with your own acts of kindness no matter how big or small they may be.


3 Minutes of Jump Rope
5 Lengths Bear Crawl
50 Mountain Climbers


The clock will be set to twenty minutes. On “go” athletes will complete 12 rope ascents as fast as possible. In whatever time remains of the twenty minutes, at athletes will complete as many rounds as possible of:

12 WB Shots (20/14)
12 Sit-ups

Post thoughts and times to “comments”. ¬†

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