Monday – 080811 – OHS, Nancy…

CrossFit has worked so well for Jeremy; he can literally feel the body fat melting of his body in every workout.


12-9-6 Reps:

PVC Push Jerk
20 M Jog between rounds



Nancy (Compare with 6/29/11)

5 Rounds for time:

400 M Run
15 OHS (95/63)

This workout is programmed in honor or Jess S’ last class in Minnesota. Jess was an original member at CF MPLS 1.0 and has requested this workout as OH squats are her favorite movement. She’s moving West to San Francisco in search of greener pastures. I’ve had a lot of fun seeing Jess transform herself in the last year and will miss her sass – among other things. She came in a de-conditioned athlete and has trained her way into being a top rate CrossFitter. Good luck, Jess. Stay in touch!

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