Sunday – 110611 – Double AMRAP…

Michael M.


750 M Row
Group Stretch

AMRAP – 10 Minutes:

3 KB Clusters (40-53/20-35)
3 Jumping Lunges
6 KB Clusters (40-53/20-35)
6 Jumping Lunges
9 KB Clusters (40-53/20-35)
9 Jumping Lunges

… and so on and so forth for as long as possible until time is called — there is no designated ending point, just keep going for ten minutes. KB Clusters do not need to be brought to the floor, only to below the knee. If there aren’t enough appropriately weighted kettlebells, a set of dumbells ought to do the trick. During the jumping lunges, you will face one direction the entire time alternating which foot is forward and which is back. There is no rotation. Coaches will be looking for full hip and knee extension. This is the only way this movement can be Rx’d. If you jump, and pull your feet into position without fulling extending the hip or knee you are breaching the range of motion standards.

Rest precisely ten minutes.

AMRAP – 10 Minutes:

3 Deadlift (275/183)
7 Burpees

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