Tuesday – 122011 – Muscle-ups, Ring Dips, Weighted Pull-ups…

For those of you that haven't seen it yet, this is the banner that Millie whipped up for us via her company, Northcott Banners. Thanks again, Millie for an awesome addition to the MPLS space!


1000 M Row
Group Stretch

Muscle-up Review and Practice

AMRAP – 5 Minutes:

1 Complete Muscle-up
2 Ring Dips

Weighted Pull-up:


If you cannot do a muscle-up, the WOD will be slightly different. After the muscle-up practice, prepare for the following:

AMRAP – 5 Minutes:

2 Chest to Ring Pull-ups
5 Push-ups

For bigger classes, members will be broken into two somewhat evenly leveled groups so that half the class will be doing the metcon while the other half does the weighted pull-ups.

Post thoughts and rounds completed to “comments”.   Tuesday – 122011 – Muscle-ups, Ring Dips, Weighted Pull-ups…

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