Wednesday – 032311 – Burpees two days in a row!?!? This doesn’t seem right…

It's a real honor to receive a thumbs up from a man like Mike Jones, beard or no beard. It looks like he's already said "good", and is about to say "job". Though this claim cannot be confirmed, if true, this picture is a collectors item with an estimated value of 20 million USD. High standards are high standards... it is what it is.


12 Walking Lunges
12 HS Attempts
12 Squat Tuck Jumps

Clean and Jerk:


1/1, 2/2, 3/3 … 10/10 Reps for time:

Power Clean and Jerk (135/95)
Burpees (Yyyyyyyeeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhh Burpees!)

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