Barbells for Boobs WOD

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and CrossFit Minneapolis + St. Paul is on a mission to support the cause. We are hosting a Barbells for Boobs WOD event Saturday, October 27th. Every regular class time at both locations will have a special partner workout so bring a friend! Until then we are raising funds through Barbells for Boobs to give low-income or uninsured women the ability to afford screenings and diagnostic procedures to prevent breast cancer.

We have learned from the breast cancer survivors that are among our members that breast cancer does not discriminate by age, race, gender, or lifestyle. But having a supportive community and pursuing a healthy lifestyle does help with recovery. Everyone should have access to screening. Follow the link and consider your donation to our Barbells for Boobs team effort. Our goal is to raise $1200 by our WOD on October 27th.

If you would like your support to go directly to our member Wendy who is currently recovering from breast cancer, please consider your donation to her GoFundMe account.

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