X Games Visitors

Are you visiting the Minneapolis area for the X Games? Our CrossFit Minneapolis location is the premier CrossFit affiliate in the downtown area conveniently located just a short walk from most parts of downtown. Check out our box specs here; you’ll love our space!

We’re running a drop in special for all those visiting for the X Games. $25 for a One Day Drop In Pass or $40 for a Weekend Drop In Pass. Both packages come with a tee shirt of your choice! The Weekend Package gets you unlimited visits throughout your entire stay in the Minneapolis area. You can purchase the One Day Pass here and the Weekend Package here; you may also purchase the packages on-site upon arrival.

Our CrossFit Class Schedule can be found here. Our daily WOD is updated every night at 8:00 pm and will be posted here.

For more information on our general drop in policies click here.

INTERESTED? Let us answer all your questions!