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We are community members, passionate health enthusiasts, and people who wish to live long, active, independent lives. For each of us, CrossFit represents a different outlet. We have competitive athletes, people looking to stay in shape, and people looking to regain strength and energy. Together we celebrate every victory – a PR, an attendance goal reached, a new skill, or a return to the CrossFit Games. When we’re down, we pick each other up. When we’re up, we push to keep going. When we finish, we cheer for those still working. When classes are crowded, we share equipment. When somebody looks lost, we offer a hand. If you fit this mold, we want you to join our community and make it better.

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We are excited that you are interested in trying CrossFit! Our Level One classes introduce new athletes to CrossFit by building a foundation of proper form and mechanics.

Visiting CrossFitters

We welcome visitors that are current members at a CrossFit affiliate to drop in ad work out with us.