Wednesday – 072314 – Primer Cycle (17/21)

4 Working Sets:
3 R-arm TGU (AHAP)
3 L-arm TGU (AHAP)

These reps are consecutive. Three full TGUs on the right followed by three reps on the left. 

EMOM – 10 Minutes:
4 “Big Kip” C2Ring Pull-ups

The objective is to work the rings through the biggest range of motion as possible without creating uncontrolled swinging. At any point in the rep, the athlete should be able to come to a dead hang with no residual swinging. 

On the rings, 5 Rounds, 6 cycles, not for time:
1 Planche Push-up Descent (1 second hold at bottom of rep)
1 R-arm horizontal extension (1 second hold at extended pos.)
1 L-arm horizontal extension (1 second hold at extended pos.)
1 Planche Push-up Ascent (1 second hold at top with turn out)

Example can be found here

While Tubbs does a nice job on this, I would add one small thing: we’re looking for strong external turn out at top and bottom of the push-up. It will be harder to maintain said turn out at the bottom but try to work for external rotation of the load bearing shoulder while non load bearing arms are extended. 

10-minutes; pick two upper body mobility exercises and two lower body mobility exercises off the the Union Fitness Youtube Page and complete the work for a minimum of two minutes per side.

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Tuesday – 072214 – Primer Cycle (16/21)

Banded Lat Stretching (2 minutes per side)

Push Press (from back):
1 x 10 @ 5-10 lbs. more than last week
2 x 10 @ 5-10 lbs. less than previous set

There have been questions regarding the pace with which the loading prescriptions have been increased – with the PP, in particular. Two points: first you should have started with a weight that was 15-20 lbs. off your 10RM max from the combine. Given that those reps were from the front and these are from the back and thus more efficient, a 15-20 lb. drop in weight should have made weekly 5-10 lb. prescription increases more than manageable across three weeks. Second, please remember the sentiment that has been repeatedly mentioned on this blog, which is to follow the prescriptions as closely as possible in the primer cycle, but to place completion of reps, speed, precision, consistency and mechanics above loading.

Snatch (from hip):
5 x 4

Avoid the double dip. This is when an athlete dips to their loaded position, holds for a fraction of a second and then, rather than driving vertically, they dip again to create an elastic effect. You are encouraged to change direction from dip to drive quickly, but please avoid the hitching that takes place when one pauses in the dip and then needs to re-dip for power.

Snatch Pull-Down (6-second descent):
5 x 3 @ 95 %

3 rounds, working for negative splits:
800 M Run

Rest precisely 3 minutes between efforts.

Start taking note about how your turnover speed effects your pace and times. Ideally, athletes would find their split times for today just a pinch faster than last week.

Calf Smashing

Post thoughts and results to comments and Beyond the whiteboard.

Monday – 072114 – Primer Cycle (15/21)

Sleeper Stretch (2 minutes per side)

For 12 Minutes:
Even minutes:
6 Strict C2B Pull-ups
Odd minutes:
6 Strict Ring Dips (1-second hold at rock bottom of rep)

Continue to focus on maintaining a strong hollow position with both movements. In particular, during the final two or three inches of the pull-ups, and the first two or three inches out of the bottom of the dip. This is when people tend to give up the relationship between hip and shoulder and thus, this is where people lose power and efficiency. Pull the abdominals in tight from start to finish of each rep.

Hang Power Clean (from hip):
5 x 4

As with the last two weeks, work for speed, consistency and precision. The loading position for these sets should be such that the knees are slightly bend and pushed in front of the bar, with the hips slightly pulled back and the shoulders directly over the barbell. From there, focus on the direction your hips/torso travel. Maximize North/South, minimize East/West.

Back Squat: 
3 x 10 @ 75%

To reiterate from last week. You don’t get stronger missing reps. Follow the percentages as closely as you can. Adjust to ensure you get the volume in with speed.

Superset – 3 Rounds, not for time:
20 GHD Sit-ups
20 BB Side Bends

BB Tricep Smashing

Sidelying ER – 50 reps per arm

Post thoughts and results to comments and Beyond the whiteboard.