Tuesday – 093014 – Base Volume Cycle (14/20)

Where Possible:

Alternating movements, for maximum reps:
Tabata WB Shots (20/14) (12′)
Tabata Burpees to Touch (6″)


Strict, Deficit HSPU:

Work to the deepest deficit possible.

30 seconds on, 30 seconds off, for 10 minutes:
Max Reps HSPU

Each round for time:
200 M Row + 800 M Run
400 M Row + 600 M Run
600 M Row + 400 M Run
800 M Row + 200 M Run

Rest 4 minutes between rounds.

This is a big day, no doubt about it. Stay focused. Wednesday will be slightly throttled back and with Thursday being just a regular class day for you, you’ll get plenty of recovery by big mama Friday and big papa Saturday, which are the final two days in this initial base volume cycle.

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Monday – 092914 – Base Volume Cycle (13/20)

Banded Hip Grinder

Back Squat:
12 @ 69% of 1 RM
10 @ 71% of 1 RM
8 @ 73% of 1 RM

Rest precisely one minute between the last rep of one set and the first rep of the next.

5 Working Sets:
1 Power Clean +
1 Hang Clean +
1 TnG Clean +
1 Jerk

30 Seconds on, 30 Seconds off:
C2B Pull-ups

Complete 60 reps as fast as possible.

Lat and Scapula Smashing
BB Quickie

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Saturday – 092714 – Base Volume Cycle (11/20)

Banded Front Rack Stretch
Tricep Smashing 

For time:
30 Power Clean and Jerks (225/163)

Rest as needed

For time:
30 Muscle-ups

For both pieces, pick a pace that you think you are confident with using a reps per minute framework and then decrease it by a minute. Aim for this pace. For example, if you are confident that you can complete 30 power clean and jerks in 10 minutes by doing 3 a minute, then I want you to set out at on a 9-minute pace by doing 4-4-4 and then 3′s for the remainder. If you are confident that you can manage a 6-minute pace hitting 5 reps per minute then set out at a 5 minute pace hitting 6 per minute. The obvious expectation is that you will fail. Then again, you may not. The prospect of completing a workout like this at a pace you didn’t think you could handle is precisely the point. Rev the engine, and then see how long you can hold on. This exercise will take some honest self-analysis before starting. Once you’ve picked your poison, be sure to run it by a fellow Union athlete that knows you well to make sure you’re not under or overestimating your abilities.

Post thoughts and results to comments and Beyond the whiteboard.

Friday – 092614 – Base Volume Cycle (10/20)

Where Possible:
21-15-9 reps for time:
HSPU (4″ deficit)
Calories (row)


Bully Stretch (2 minutes per side)
Banded OH Stretch (2 minutes per side)
Narrow Grip Sots Press: 3 x 5

Complete 30 C2B Pull-ups using one of the following EMOMs:
3 minutes x 10 reps
5 minutes x 6 reps
10 minutes x 3 reps

Pick your poison based on work capacity with this movement. If you’re very comfortable with them, complete the 3×10. If you’re somewhat comfortable, complete the 5×6. If you’re just learning/uncomfortable, complete the 10×3.

In ten minutes:
Establish a 1RM Snatch

Every 30 seconds, for 8 minutes:
1 Snatch @ 72%

For time:
5 C2B Pull-ups
5 OHS (135/93)
10 C2B Pull-ups
10 OHS
15 C2B Pull-ups
15 OHS
20 C2B Pull-ups
20 OHS

For time:
400 M Run
30 Burpee Box Jump Overs (30/24)

Band and Smash Free-for-all

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Thursday – 092514 – Base Volume Cycle (09/20)

Back Squat:
9-7-5 @ 72%-76%-80%

For Time:
800 M Run
30 TTB
…1 minute rest…
500 M Row
10 Deadlift (315/223)
…1 minute rest
800 M Run
30 TTB

This is another situation in which strategizing goes against the intent of the workout. Please do your best to red-line these TTB sets. I understand that doing so may yield a worse overall time, but as a group we desperately need to improve our higher-rep range gymnastics. For those who feel good about their TTB, go unbroken. For those who struggle with TTB, do your best to go as far into each set as possible, each time you start.

Post thoughts and results to comments and Beyond the whiteboard.